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The Home Screen

The Home Screen is the default starting position when XBMC loads. From here you access all other sections of XBMC, starting from the top:


Home.favorites.jpg Favourites Home.shutdown.jpg The Shutdown Menu

Options Common to Subsections


Allows you to switch between several different methods of displaying content in the right display panel of XBMC.
The available options are:

Default display method for many screens, icons of size ??? are displayed.
Default display method for many screens, shows a list of e.g. files and folders.

Default View can be set in the various Settings.

Big Icons View
List View
Icons View
Big Wide View

Sort by

Controls the sorting of the items in the right pane. The arrow to the right controls whether the items are sorted in ascending or descending order.

Sorts content alphabetically by filename, folders and archives are sorted first.
Sorts content alphabetically by file / foldername, folders and files are treated alike.

Default sorting can be set in the various Settings.

Context Menus

Throughout XBMC you can bring up a context menu that will offer a selection of functions you can perform on the currently selected item or in the context of your current screen.

The Context menu can be brought up by pressing C or the 'Windows' Application key or Menu button on the Keyboard or by pressing the right mouse button on the appropriate item.

On the Mac version of XBMC, the context menu can be displayed by holding the Menu button on the Apple Remote or by pressing C on the keyboard.

On Xbox it's the White controller button or Title on the remote.

Music Library
Add Source
Set Content

Navigating in XBMC

Main Article: Default Controls.

Videos Navigation and Control

Music Navigation and Control

Keyboard and Mouse

Keyboard Mapping


Global Mouse

Global Keymap Xbox Controller

Function Control Remote
Movement Up / Down / Left / Right Directional Pad Btn dpad.png Directional Arrows
Page up/down L/R trigger N/A
Select/play a file Btn a.png Select
Back to previous menu Back Menu
Back to parent directory Btn b.png Back

Global Controller.png

Global Keymap Xbox DVD Remote

Global Controls