Frequently Asked Questions

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What is XBMC and what can XBMC do?

Questions and answers of what XBMC is and what it can do, also how to suggest/request new features, functions and codecs/formats.

Obtaining XBMC

Questions and answers on where to get XBMC4XBox, skins for XBMC4XBox, and compiling XBMC4XBox source code into an XBox executable progam.

Using XBMC

Questions and answers on interfacing with XBMC, using XBMC, and how to play multimedia files from (network/harddrive/CD/DVD).

Troubleshooting XBMC

Questions and answers on how to sort our problems, why some media files will not work, and information on Xbox/XBMC limitations

XBMC for Xbox specific FAQ

FAQ on XBMC running on the Xbox. Also generic non-XBMC specific FAQ about Xbox hardware, modchips/BIOS/softmods and information on some third-party Xbox software (such as emulators and Xbox games).