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The Shutdown Menu

Pressing down on the Btn thumb r.png analog thumbstick, or by selecting the red icon in the lower right corner of The Home Screen brings up the shutdown menu.


The options on this menu are from left to right:

System Info

Opens up the System Information screen, which provides you with a wealth of information about your Xbox and XBMC, including build date.


Powers down your Xbox
Browse up or down while the Shutdown icon is highlighted and you will get the sleep-timer (custom time, 120 mins, 60mins, and 30 mins) options.


Takes you to your Favourites menu.


Reboots your XBOX
Browse up or down while the Restart icon is highlighted and you will have the option of restarting XBMC only.

The following options were part of the Shutdown Menu prior to build 8694:

  • Exits XBMC to your default dashboard
  • Opens/Shuts the DVD-ROM drive
Enter Master Mode
  • Enables Master Mode, allowing full administrator-level access to the system. If a lock code is set for Master Mode, then you will be prompted to enter it. See Master Lock for more information.