Project Bugtracker

NOTE: Accounts have been “imported” from the old trac from sourceforge. Check to see if your SF username is being used there, and if so, contact buzz [at] and the account can be assigned to you, so you keep your old tickets etc.

Subversion Repositories for project

Main codebase (XBMC4XBOX)
Repository Browser:

Note that trunk/ contains the latest development / in progress code. Check the tags/ folders for getting a specific release.

Website codebase (Blog / Forum etc)
Repository Browser:

Addons4XBox (Addons from XBMC modified to work on XBMC4Xbox)

Repository Browser:


Core Translations are handled by Transifex – feel free to click the link, sign up and help translate XBMC4Xbox into your language:

Source Code Snapshots

Here are source code snapshots from the source tree for recent releases. For the latest code, use the Subversion repository.

Note: You cannot install these source snapshots to the XBox !

I repeat – do not download the source unless you intend to compile your own version. This is not something you can install to the XBox!