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The On Screen Keyboard is used to manually input information into XBMC. When such information is required, it will automatically pop up.

Using the On Screen Keyboard

To use the keyboard, simply move around on it with Btn dpad.png. To select a button on the keyboard, press Btn a.png.

Other possible options are:
Btn b.png Has the same effect as selecting Backspace on the keyboard.
Btn y.png Has the same effect as selecting Shift on the keyboard.
Btn x.png Has the same effect as selecting Symbols on the keyboard.
Btn start.png Has the same effect as selecting Done on the keyboard.



If you are required to enter a numeric string, such as an IP address, XBMC will display the numeric On Screen Keyboard. You can navigate using Btn dpad.png and select using Btn a.png. Users with a remote control can simply enter the numbers using the number buttons on their remote.

QWERTY On Screen Keyboard

You can change the On Screen keyboard to a QWERTY keyboard in Settings, Settings/Skin.

SMS-Style Text Entry

As an alternative to navigating around the on screen keyboard and selecting letters, users with a remote control can use the number buttons to select letters. This operates in the same manner that many mobile phones employ for entering text; simply repeatedly press a button to scroll through its choices, and pause when the desired letter or symbol is reached.

For example, when the on screen keyboard is displayed, repeatedly press '2' to select among '2', 'a', 'b', or 'c'.