Error Recovery Mode

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Note: This is a Xbox specific page.

If XBMC is starting up (for instance you see the splash screen) but then is not progressing to load correctly after that, you can boot into "Error Recovery Mode" by holding down the White and Y buttons during startup.

This will give you FTP access to the Xbox via it's Fatal Error Handler. You can then retrieve any debug logs from a previous boot (which will be q:\xbmc.old.log) and/or correct things by reloading XBMC onto your Xbox. Note that not all your drives may appear via FTP while the fatal error handler is running (particular F: and G:), but this should not affect things, as the most important place to have access to is XBMC's home directory, which is always mounted at Q: (regardless of where it is located on your Xbox's harddisk).

You may also try to reset all of XBMC's settings to their defaults, in case the reason that it's no longer loading correctly is due to some bad settings. You may do this by holding down both thumbstick buttons on bootup.