HOW-TO:Wire your XBOX DVD-Remote for USB

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Follow this simple procedure:

  1. Open the receiver's plastic case using a small screw driver. Carefully pry around the case.
  2. Solder the wire to the receiver using the picture below
  • Note: This might damage the casing of the dongle.

Color Coded Pinout

Xbox-dvd-pinout thumb.jpg

  • If you're using a standard USB cable you should just be able to match the colors and solder away, but to be sure check your cable with a continuity tester according to the USB spec provided here.
  1. Red = Positive Power (+5V DC)
  2. White = Data -
  3. Green = Data +
  4. Yellow = Unused
  5. Black = Ground (0V DC)

Lirc Config



The Sickmods XERC 2 XE works really well with an HTPC and the Xbox DVD dongle. It handles power-off and power-on via your remote. Here are some installation instructions for that.