HOW-TO:Compile XBMC for Xbox

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Checking Out SVN

Note: XBMC is open source (GPL) software and as so the source code is available for anyone to modify and/or compile (under the rules of the GPL).


Getting the Source Code

Using TortoiseSVN

If you already have installed TortoiseSVN then you can skip the first two steps below.

  1. Get TortoiseSVN installer from the TortoiseSVN site
  2. Install TortoiseSVN
  3. Right click in a directory and click "SVN Checkout"
  4. Enter URL of repository: in the dialogue window.

TortoiseSVN XBMC Xbox.png

  • Lastly click "OK" and wait for all the source tree to download. (Expect a 250-300 MB download the first time you checkout!)

Building XBMC


Building with build.bat is a very simple process

  • Double click on build.bat to run the automated build process
  • The process will create a BUILD directory with your new XBMC build inside

XBMC Xbox Build bat.png


This is the way of just building default.xbe, which is only recomended for advanced users who are debugging problems.

  • Open up the "xbmc.sln" file with Microsoft Visual C++ .NET 2003 or Visual Studio .NET 2003.
  • Select "Release" or "Debug" from the Build Manager (depending on which type of build you are making).
  • Select "Compile", and then wait for the compiling to complete.
  • Depending on if you selected Release or Debug, the default.xbe would be in that sub directory.