Xbmc4 hard disk settings ?

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Xbmc4 hard disk settings ?

Post by Jim78b »

Hello i dont how was the original settings of my hard disk in xbmc4 .i attach a photo


I rfer to the last voice on photo .i have 4 options. High standby. Low standby.
High power and low power .which i must choose?

And is normal the Xbox make a fan noise?
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Re: Xbmc4 hard disk settings ?

Post by Coldly-Indifferent »

The default HDD settings for XBMC are:-

HDD spindown time: Off

Immediate HD spindown: Off

Acoustic management level: Fast

Power management level: High power

There is no need to change any of these settings, even the power management level.

I doubt any change in the HDD power management level setting will make much difference to your electricity use.


A quick way of returning XBMC to default settings is use the file manager to go to UserData and find, backup then delete the guisettings.xml. It will reappear when you reboot XBMC with every setting returned to default. So do not do this unless you are sure you want to.

Fan Noise:-

In XBMC go to Settings > System > General > Fan speed override or Auto temperature control. You will be using one or the other, whichever one is ticked:-

1). If it is the Fan speed override that allows you to set the fan speed manually. If your fan noise is too loud chances are this is set too high (100%). Even if you live in a very hot climate with high temperatures you should not need the fan running at 100%. The default is 20% so try changing it to that but check your CPU/MB temperatures regularly after heavy Xbox use to make sure the temperatures shown are below 50C. If they are not then increase the fan speed until you find a speed setting that does keep them lower than that.

2). If you have Auto temperature control ticked (recommended) instead XBMC will allow you to set a Target temperature and Minimum fan speed. I suggest setting the Target temperature to 50C and Minimum fan speed to 20%.

What will happen is that the fan speed starts off and will remain at 20% unless the temperature rises above 50C. It will then increase automatically possibly to full speed (100%) until the temperature is reduced back down to 50C. The increase and decrease in fan speed will be very obvious so if you find that annoying you may want to change your Minimum speed to 30% or 40% to keep the temperature from going above 50C.

NB. If your fan speed is still at 100% all the time, whatever your fan control settings, then you may have a Xbox overheating problem.
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