This needs to be addressed

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This needs to be addressed

Post by Questioneverything »

This is on a throw away youtube account and the video is unlisted to prevent anyone trying to use the argument this is to drive traffic to a youtube channel to get views which is usually used to change the subject.
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Re: This needs to be addressed

Post by professor_jonny »

Below is my address to you regarding your problem:

I would create a video but then I don't want anyone trying to use the argument this is to drive traffic to a YouTube channel also I have better things to do.
It could also get used as ammunition if someone can't follow simple instructions to have a rant on a YouTube channel and you know how I feel about driving traffic to a YouTube channel see where I'm going here?

We are not here to spoon feed you, if you can't figure out how to scrape meta data within the simple to use UI or add metadata with media companion on the pc there is no hope for you, you might as well give up.

If there is a bug with metadata scraping let us know and we may get around to fixing it.

Your tone and way you have presented your problem and way about getting help has likely scared off everyone that would likely help you here I only replied as I'm waiting at work for a pickup and just want to further piss off some entitled male version of a Karen.

There is a wiki have a read there is also main line Kodi of which we are a fork go hound them for a video how to do it there is many more users to complain to with bigger resources.
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Re: This needs to be addressed

Post by MasterChief2 »

He doesn't know to read, everything is described on our wiki. Scrapers are not working because they are broken for years, but when they were working getting metadata was pieace of a cake.
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Re: This needs to be addressed

Post by GoTeamScotch »

Metadata scrapers for shows and movies have been broken for a bit. They broke several years ago, and the issue was fixed, then it broke again. To be clear, this isn't the fault of XBMC but rather it's due to the data sources online who provide the information changing the way they provide their data, and so XBMC has to be updated so that it knows how to interpret new formats. XBMC isn't actively maintained these days. The last release was in 2016. If you've seen videos/photos of people's XBMC setups and they have artwork and information about movies/shows, then either their Xbox is old enough to where they setup their library back when it was working, or they put the info/artwork in themselves, or you might have accidentally watched a video showing XBMC running on a different machine (XBMC has been ported to PC, Android, and other platforms and these other versions are maintained by an entirely different group of people).

That said, MasterChief2 (who replied above in this thread) is working on updating XBMC, and part of that update is that scrapers are fixed. He's still working on it and expects to release it later this year. Here is a post where he shows a video of his progress so far: viewtopic.php?p=51115#p51115

The same person also released a patch for XBMC that fixes the movie scraper. The TV show scraper is still not working right now because it requires a deeper change to how XBMC works, but the movie scraper is working. I just tried it and it works.


You would download this ZIP file, extract it on your PC, then upload the contents of the "scrapers" folder to your Xbox under XBMC/system/scrapers/video (deleting the contents of the "video" folder on your Xbox prior to uploading). Once done, reboot your Xbox and have XBMC scan your movie library again. It should then be able to connect and download the metadata for the movies that it finds. Be aware- it's kind of picky how it it expects your movies to be named.

Also, time updates from the internet work on my xbox. Look in settings > appearance > international. Make sure your timezone is set correctly and internet time synchronization is turned on. If that doesn't work, try changing the time server to instead of

There is a lot I could say about the rest of your video and the assumptions you make (hint: Google Drive is not a reliable way of sharing files)... but I'm trying to ignore your terrible attitude and completely disrespectful demeanor. Remember that XBMC is a hobby project built by individual people out of their homes in their free time. Don't treat it like you would treat Microsoft Windows or something. This is not a product for the masses and may require extra effort and know-how to setup. It's also a project that is over 20 years old made for a video game console that is even older. Guides and information that were relevant years ago may become outdated over time (like this whole scrapers topic). Don't assume just because something doesn't work or you can't figure it out that the people you heard it from are liars. If you get stuck, read the manual. If the manual doesn't make sense, ask for help.

Also, video guides won't always be available. To expect that there will always be a video for how to do something is unreasonable. Videos take a decent amount of effort to do properly. There's planning, recording, editing and more that goes into it. And, if something changes, it's far easier to maintain text because you're just editing a block of text instead of re-shooting or re-editing a video that people may never even find in the first place.
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