Changed video output/ black screen

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Changed video output/ black screen

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I recently changed the output in my dashboard settings to 1080i and got a black screen. Now on boot up I got Xbox start up screen, and then back to black. Anyway to get back to 480p or somehow fix this? Thanks.
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Re: Changed video output/ black screen

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This sort of thing is very common particularly when a TV/monitor does not support a particular display output. Another example is switching the Xbox to PAL when using a screen that does not support interlaced resolutions. The Xbox 'flubber' screen is SD (480i) so if you're seeing that it suggests that it is your TV which does not support 1080i via Component.

Simple solution that should work:-

The method at the bottom of that page is what you should try first but if it does not work then try the first.

If you are in a PAL region and have a TV that supports RGB SCART and, obviously, a Xbox RGB SCART cable there is a little known but useful alternative method to get out of a resolution setting problem like this. But it requires the UnleashX dash either as main or app.

SCART is always interlaced even RGB but unlike another SD cable type when using a RGB SCART cable the UnleashX dash actually allows you to set 480p/720p/1080i and Save it. It won't swap the resolution of course and if you return to the video settings page have reverted to showing 480i but the setting is saved.

That means if you swap cables to Component and reboot it will use the saved progressive scan resolution setting.

BTW if you can boot UnleashX as an app using any SD cable you also have other options to fix the problem ie. by using its file manager to edit XBMC's current resolution settings.
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Changed video output/ black screen

Post by FrankAerog »

as I had the One S and only had those problems when my cable was subpar, changed the cable and it was fixed. LG E6 OLED 4K screen.
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