HOW-TO:Create shortcuts to .xbe (Xbox executable) files

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The ability to create shortcuts to .xbe files in xml format has been implemented in XBMC.

In addition, it allows you to launch a specific ROM from an Xport emulator. This allows you to create direct links to specific emulator ROMs from My Programs.

In order to create a shortcut, simply create an .xml file saved with a .cut extension in any location on the XBox hard drive.
Note that shortcuts can not be launched from a network location, such as a SMB share!
In order to use the shortcuts, simply create a media source to the folder containing the .cut files in My Programs.


This example will cause f:\apps\XBMC\default.xbe to be launched when the .cut file is selected


This example will cause NeoGenesis to launch Sonic the Hedgehog when the .cut file is selected. Here we also use the <label> and <thumb> entries to make it pretty.

   <label>Sonic the Hedgehod</label>
         <game>f:\emulators\NeoGenesis\sgenroms\Sonic the Hedgehog.smd</game>