UnleashX Replay Gain Issue

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UnleashX Replay Gain Issue

Post by Coldly-Indifferent » Tue Oct 02, 2018 1:52 pm

I have some mp3 music files on my PC which I inherited from an older, now dead, used laptop I owned. I use my primary Xbox as a games console with the UnleashX dash. I still put music on it though playing random tracks whilst on the main dash. Good way to listen to music whilst you're doing something else.

Here's the problem: a small number of the music tracks I've transferred from the laptop seem to have much lower audio volume levels so I'm always having to adjust that to suit. The issue is that this only affects the tracks whilst using UnleashX. If I use XBMC, on the same Xbox, it plays exactly the same files at pretty much the same volume.

I researched this a bit because such matters were new to me and my understanding is that the playback volume is controlled by the replay gain settings. I went back to XBMC, which I knew had replay gain controls in the Music settings, and tried with it Off, Track and Album levels. Didn't seem to make much difference: all the problem tracks played at acceptable volume levels without needing to adjust the amps volume controls.

However on going back to my main dash, UnleashX, there are no similar audio replay gain controls in the music player, just a volume adjustment slider. Whatever the issue is with these tracks it happens on all the UnleashX dash versions I've tried (v543, v572 and v584).

So I tried to resolve it by copying the tracks and adjusting their individual replay gain. I used both Foobar2000 and later another dedicated replay gain adjustment program. The track replay gain details in Media Info were shown as negative initially but when I eventually worked out how to do it in both cases all the track replay gain were apparently upped to give a base of 100dB instead of the standard 89dB.

However the problem remains. The UnleashX dash still plays those tracks at a lower volume level than all my other music and XBMC seems to have no problem equalising the volume whatever I've done to the mp3 files or the replay gain setting used.

Any help with this appreciated.

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