[Help] Two HDD related problems

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[Help] Two HDD related problems

Post by xbmc4you » Sun Feb 25, 2018 5:30 pm


Problem #1 - Hexen fails to format all of the ~200GB of an HDD (on a softmodded console)

It's a Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 200GB ATA/133 HDD YAR41VWO.
No matter what I try it always ends up with a ~120GB partition (leaving about 40-60 GB unformatted).
What needs to be done for the whole drive to be formatted?

Problem #2 - An HDD that has seemingly been locked with the wrong password.

It's a Hitachi Deskstar 500GB IDE Drive "hds725050klat80".
I did the Hexen Disc hotswap method (for softmodded consoles) described by ldotsfan at the now defunct xbox-scene.com site.
In the end Hexen said the HDD preparation and HDD lock was succesful, only to boot up to Error #06 (Xbox cannot unlock the HDD with EEPROM).
Now, I've used this method before with another drive (the one I'm currently using) and it worked well then.
This time, however I had trouble booting the disc (since it's burned on an RW) and I'm suspecting this might have had something to do with it.. (like say the laser getting corrupt data from the disc)

I want to unlock this HDD and I'm wondering if Hexen disc sets some kind of master hdd password (beside the user password)?
Or if it defaults to a generic password if it for some reason fails to get the eeprom password?
I've tried unlocking the HDD in Victoria HDD with passwords “XBOXSCENE” and “TEAMASSEMBLY” to no avail, as well as the rumoured Hitachi master password of 32 blank spaces.
The eeprom password, however, is too long for Victoria HDD. It doesn't fit in the password bar and Victoria cuts the last character.
There is an option to send the password to the HDD in file form. But, I have no idea what format that file should be in.
However, this shouldn't even matter to begin with as if the HDD was locked with the correct eeprom password then the Xbox should be able to at least unlock it.
So, probably, something went wrong with the Hexen disc..

Orignal instrcution by ldotsfan from xbox-scene.com
01. Insert Hexen Disc and power off the console
02. Connect IDE cable from Xbox to new HDD
03. Connect external power to new HDD (i.e. from a PC)
04. Power on console and recieve Error #05, power off console. (I also had errors #13 and #14)
05. Disconnect IDE cable from new HDD but keep the external power on
06. Power off console and connect IDE cable back to orignal HDD
07. Power on console, wait for Hexen disc to boot
08. Once disc is loaded and you can see the menu, disconnect IDE cable from old HDD and connect to new HDD
09. Enter "2. Softmod Xbox Tools"
10. Enter "2.4 LXHDM Softmod Disk Upgrade"
(Optional) Enter "2.4.1 Instructions" and read instructions
11. Enter "2.4.2 Preparation", choose "ok" or "yes" on all prompts and wait for it to finnish
12. Enter one of two: "2.4.3a Build the new disk (NTSC)" or "2.4.3b Build the new disk (PAL)"
13. Once that is done you will be greeted by Evolution X dash, there you will have to choose the option "LOCK" (locks your HDD with eeprom) and after that the option "BACKUP" (backs up eeprom)

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