Xbox original harddrive died

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Xbox original harddrive died

Post by Lillew » Fri Oct 13, 2017 7:26 am

Hi all

I have a crystal Xbox bios 1.6 previously softmodded with splinter gamesave using Sid method
I turned it on this morning to hear a god awful noise from the harddrive and an error code 13 if unlock HDD (disconnecting the cd drive method)) and connect to pc try and use Xplorer 360 to take a look there are no partitions and no files i am having a few problems

1. If it use xboxhdm 1.9 on a usb stick or cd i can boot it up press number one then i get error can not find Linux cd i have tried a usb and sata cd drive and get the same problem.

2. I do have another harddrive to replace it with but i am unable to find a clean image of the harddrive to rebuild when i get my xhdm working.

Please note if do have my HDD key backed up

If it put a game disc into the drive i am able to play the game and also save new profiles

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