Definitly knackered my BIOS

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Definitly knackered my BIOS

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Hello everyone,

My name is Stunty, new to og Xbox modding, not new to messing things up.

First of all, thank you to everyone who has posted in this forum, I have learned an awful lot (All hail Rocky5, total legend).

The problem (apart from me being an idiot),

I was trying to hard mod my og Xbox (had her since birth (......hers, not mine)). Successfully managed to soft mod Sharka (only gone and given her a nickname haven't I?) so felt reasonably confident that I could do it. However, I used to conductive paint (it sounds so stupid as I type it, but I was too scared to solder it (my ADHD meds can make my hands jumpy (could burn down the flat....good story mind)) to join the R2D2 bits together (you know what I mean) then, because I have no working disc drive (honestly, pulled that mother hubbard apart, cleaned it, stroked it, lathered it up with IPA, rubber bands everywhere. No dice.) I decided that I would load up some BIOS bashing software onto the HDD via FTP.

I installed these, somewhat precocious pieces of software (Xblast (not the 'put this in your C drive' but Xblast Os.xbe) and HeXen21.tff, TruHeXEn 2021.iso and HeXan 2018.rar)) after the paint job. I put them into 'Apps' on the 'E' drive with their own folders. My thinking being that they couldn't do any harm there......

Tried to run them, nothing. Got a bit nervous and rebooted. Then I all I got was a fuzzy screen (and a spongy feeling in my underwear).

Rebooted again a few times and eventually got the Xbox splash, with noise, followed by a blank screen.

Now the old girl just sits there chugging away (I have honestly had this Xbox for longer than all of my girlfriends put together....when I say all, I mean one...twenty years ago....for a lot less than twenty years.....two).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated (Xbox or girlfriends).

Also, I do have my Eprom! It is officially a 1.5 but we all know that a 1.5 is box full of lies! 1.4 is the law!

Love you guys x
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