FTP TO xbmc4gamers

If you need any help with XBMC4XBOX, such as installing or using the software, please post it in here.
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FTP TO xbmc4gamers

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Hopefully someone can help , I recently changed one of my boxes from unleash X to Xbmc4gamers.
Now I can not Ftp to xbox. I did install unleash on the apps for xbmc for gamers and tried connecting while in unleash as an app .

Using a direct cross over cable and filezilla

I know its not my pc because if i plug into my other xbox with out Xbmc i can connect on the first try every time.
I know this is just something im overlooking ?
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Re: FTP TO xbmc4gamers

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You should not need to use a cross-over cable when networking to a PC/router as the PC will detect the signals no matter which channel is being used.

The problem could just be the settings; typically that when you change dashboards it was set for DHCP and is now Static or visa versa.

I think Rocky5 Xbox4Gamers uses an a slightly unusual default IP address so you should definitely check the current dashboard(s) network settings are correct. XBMC and its variants have the Network details in the main Settings menu but it does depend what skin you're using where you find that.

When using UnleashX, which should still work for FTPing as an app, with the Default blue skin, if the Xbox is connecting correctly you should see the IP address and connection type currently being used in the bottom right hand corner of the main menu screen.
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