Basic tutorial on how to burn DVD back-up

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Basic tutorial on how to burn DVD back-up

Post by foufoutos »

I recently get a chip-mode XBOX.
Seller promote it like "ready to play back-up" "just find an ISO and burn".
Unfortunately I'm not able to successfully burn DVD's
From time to time I found an ISO ready to burn but it looks most "ISO's" I find around are files and directories and not ISO's
Reading around I realize that most of this "ISO's" are modified in order to lunch from HD and not to burn them on DVD.

So what I'm searching is a BASIC tutorial on how to create XBOX compatible ISO for files.
I try "Power ISO" but it looks that the ISO I create is just not compatible with XBOX

I found some very-very-very old tutorials referring on very old software like "GDFIMAGE" or "ISOMAKER" or "XISO" but although I search around I can't find any of this apps in order to at least try them.

Is there somewhere a BASIC tutorial on how to burn XBOX compatible DVD's?
What I'm doing wrong with "file and directories ISO" I found around?
Why I'm unable to successfully convert this "files and directories" to a working DVD ?

Any help?

*** UPDATE ****
I think that I found a solution, so I post here an update in case someone have the same problem in the future.
The answer is '"xtract-xiso" an application useful to create XBOX compatible ISO from files and directories.
I found a version with graphic user interface, but you can do the work also via command line .
If you want the GUI version search for "extract-xiso_gui_v1.0"
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Re: Basic tutorial on how to burn DVD back-up

Post by Coldly-Indifferent »

Qwix and the C Xbox Tool are the programs most people use for creating XISOs from games files/folders.

The Xbox game 'HDD Ready' file content should work from either the HDD or if a XISO is created from their content and burned to disc.

DVD-R with ImgBurn is pretty much the default recommendation. DVD-R is the only 'universally' compatible media type across the range of Xbox DVD drives so that is why it is the default. Other disc media does work but it depends on the DVD drive and sometimes make or more correctly the manufacturer of the media.
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