Please please please help...I think I just deleted my whole XBOX setup

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Please please please help...I think I just deleted my whole XBOX setup

Post by jaekrieldgx777 »

Ok so first off let me say this - I am the dumbest person in the world hopefully I covered that upfront

I bought a modded XBOX off eBay YEARS ago...I just finally got it out of storage and hooked it up

I wanted to have something that I could play with my daughter who usually plays games on her tablet, and I wanted to have a console that we could play games together on

It has Xenium on it - I don't remember if this is a hardware mod - but it might be

Again - I bought this years ago - and I don't have any info about who I bought it from.

Anyway - there are (or were) two dashboards to choose from when entering the Xboz

One is MS DASHBOARD A - which doesn't really have anything

And then there was the Xenium Dashboard (I cannot remember the actual name) - that is where everything was - to play a game from HDD or Disk, use the DVD player or play games from the loaded Emulators - basically was everything on the XBOX and the way to play games on the console

The XBOX came with a lot of games already loaded on it, and I was trying to remove some of the games that were on it that I didn't want so I could load others, if I could remember how....

So in the main menu - under the two choices for Dashboard to choose from - is ADD a NEW Item and REMOVE an ITEM

I was trying to remove games from the hard drive - so I selected "REMOVE AN ITEM" and then selected the Xenium Dashboard - thinking that I would go INTO that folder/area to remove the games...


By choosing REMOVE ITEM - it removed the WHOLE dashboard...

And I cannot figure out how to get it back..

I tried going into ADD a NEW ITEM but I cannot find it - its all files on various Hard drive partitions ... and I have no idea what the file is or if I can get it back or what...

I feel like crying - I feel like I destroyed is - and with it - the ability for me and my daughter to have a way to play games together

And of course, I feel so stupid I want to hit myself with a hammer in the head...

Can anyone please tell me how to fix this?

Is the link somewhere in the various hard drive files?

There are several directories with files - but I don't know what I'm looking for

There is an option for "Factory Reset " or something like that - but I feel that may wipe EVERYTHING for all I know....

I feel like I just totally ruined and deleted my entire Xbox...and I am freaking out

Please please someone help me...I don't know what to do...

I'll be happy to chat or text with someone or correspond via email - if you think you can help me

Thanks in advance


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Re: Please please please help...I think I just deleted my whole XBOX setup

Post by Coldly-Indifferent »

Can't help you directly because the Xenium OS which is pre-installed on the chip your Xbox is using is foreign territory to me.

But the fact is your Xbox is chipped and whatever the problem it can be sorted because your Xbox should still be able to boot original games discs and installer/rescue disc too.

The problem does sound like you've deleted the Xenium OS; how that was possible to do accidentally I do not understand. I thought it was effectively firmware and there would be dire warnings if you went there. I imagine that if there isn't a backdoor recovery option it can be reinstalled one way or another.

If you don't get specialist help I think you need here try one of the other OGXbox forums where you're more likely to get a quicker response on a niche problem like this that isn't really a XBMC4Xbox specific one.............................just seen that you have done that already. :)
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Re: Please please please help...I think I just deleted my whole XBOX setup

Post by jaekrieldgx777 »

- Coldly Indifferent -

Yeah - that's the part even my wife mentioned...

AS stupid as I may very well be - I cannot believe that even though I didn't realize that I was deleting the ENTIRE Xenium Dashboard so easily -

You would think that something so - well frankly, stupid - would not be so easy to do - and if it is - there would at least be a "Warning"

"Are you SURE you want to REMOVE this DASHBOARD?""" ...I seriously wish that would have come up...because I would have went "Oh no...Not that...nevermind..." and NOT deleted this entire program by just removing it from the main menu....

And I'm sure there is a way to restore it...I just don't know how....

At the very first main menu there is a SETTINGS choice and in that section there is a "Restore Factory Defaults"

I'm wondering if that would either make it a Xenium System again - but perhaps without all the games and emulators already installed....or will that revert the entire Xbox to a "Normal" Xbox....

But since there might be a Xenium Chip installed - I don't know what that will do

And I REALLY don't want to completely delete all the software and Games and Xenium dashboard by doing that....

But if no one can help me fix this and the "Factory Restore" will at least make it so I can play Xbox Discs on the Console - at least I don't have a pretty useless (and heavy) paperweight....

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance - sorry for the long post....

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