Accidentally deleted G/DVDdrive resource/share?

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Accidentally deleted G/DVDdrive resource/share?

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I fired up my original xbox today for the first time in a long time and got to tinkering around with it. Unfortunately in doing that and surfing menus/setting/options, I apparently deleted my G: drive or DVDdrive while in the file explorer from accidentally hitting buttons like an idiot :oops: . Is there any way to restore it? It no longer appears while file exploring. I can still run games and launch games that are physically in the cd drive. I think I confirmed deleting a "share" or "resource"?

Any advice? Thanks in advance!
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Re: Accidentally deleted G/DVDdrive resource/share?

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It is a bit above my knowledge level but if you delete the G drive contents there's no way I know of recovering it. shouldn't have been able to delete the whole G:\ drive at least not easily using your Xbox. The stuff about deleting your DVD drive makes no sense either.

So are you sure it is not just the source path for D:\ and/or G:\ that was deleted from Programs? That is effectively just a shortcut.

If you go into XBMC's File Manager: is G:\ or whatever you think you deleted there?
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Re: Accidentally deleted G/DVDdrive resource/share?

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That is a bit strange alright cause pressing white button (context menu) in File Manager on DVD Drive (or any other fixed drive, C, D, E) will not show Remove Source for me, only Add Source.

Can you try using "Add source" > Browse > G: drive or DVD Drive?

Alternatively, you could try a little hacking - use your FTP Client, navigate to Q:\UserData\ and download for editing the sources.xml file in that folder (Q: is always a shorcut to the currently running XBMC4Xbox). In there I see a <files> section, where you can copy any existing entr like I see I have a Z: drive and add a G: drive or whatever you need. Normally default sources are not in this file, but who knows what happened in there.

Code: Select all

        <default pathversion="1"></default>
            <name>G Drive</name>
            <path pathversion="1">G:\</path>
            <name>Z Drive</name>
            <path pathversion="1">Z:\</path>
Being an XML file either use an XML Editor (e.g. XML Notepad) or if any text editor and to make sure you haven't broken it and make it unparseable by XBMC4Xbox, save it locally, modify it and then open in any web browser and page through the entire contents to see if it tells you if any nodes are not terminated corretly etc. Then upload back through FTP and overwrite.

Ultimately, you could try to rename or backup & remove sources.xml, restart XBMC4Xbox and see if the drive is not coming back.

Let us know how it goes and whether it helped you resolve the issue! (Y)
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