Video Player Optimization Suggestion (Simple)

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Video Player Optimization Suggestion (Simple)

Post by Jobobn »

So, I've just spent the last week or so tackling the issue of getting higher-res movies to play on XBMC (learned how to re-encode movies as a result), and the limited RAM on the Xbox definitely rears its ugly head when dealing with 640-720p movies. A lot of these issues can be circumvented by lowering the Xbox's output resolution to 720p rather than 1080i, as well as using the PMIII (non-HD) skin. (And, of course, re-encoding movies to Xvid+AVI)

So, I prefer having my Xbox menus looking as pretty as possible at all times, so I like keeping it at 1080+the HD skin, but obviously I have to change things when watching higher-res movies. So, here's my suggestion:

How about have some simple hotkey command (perhaps under the right-thumbstick click menu) where you can toggle between user-assigned XBMC settings? That way, when going to watch high-res movies, we wouldn't have to go through the tedium of slogging through the settings and changing the options, and then changing them back afterwards. We could, instead, simply click a couple of times, toggle to the mem-save settings, watch movies, and then toggle back.

It's a simple workaround that, in my opinion, would help users get the best of both worlds.

Also, thanks for continuing the development of XBMC for our Modboxes! Y'all are awesome!

Note: If there's actually already a way to do this, I'm going to be a bit embarrassed. But, frankly, so much about XBMC4XBOX's design is so forward thinking that I wouldn't be all that surprised.
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Re: Video Player Optimization Suggestion (Simple)

Post by GoTeamScotch »

Well the good news is you don't have to feel stupid because this feature does not already exist. ;)
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