XBMC4XBox 3.3.1 Released

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Re: XBMC4XBox 3.3.1 Released

Post by Kinstinct2 »

Elgato have you checked the video settings in settings? you get 3 options to resume yes no or ask first. I used 3.2.1 for awhile no issues like that have occurred for me.

Not saying its not happening I had my own issues with wma track that refused to play on any new builds on my xbox. Try again with a debug log and post it
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Re: XBMC4XBox 3.3.1 Released

Post by neogeo71 »

looking forward to the upcoming changes. thank you for all your efforts Buzz! donation coming soon...I promise!
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XBMC4XBox 3 3 1 Released

Post by MichaelErapy »

Ive also played with XBMC and plug-ins. Whenever I find an interesting repository or plug-in on another platform, I always check to see if the dependencies are compatible with my XBMC. Even then, its fun just to FTP it over to my Xbox and see if it will work anyway.

Q: Are you playing with code Library dependencies or, like me, simply trying it to see if it will break?

Looking forward to your results
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Re: XBMC4XBox 3.3.1 Released

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This is a 2013 thread, my guess is that you will have a long wait for the results. :)
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