Opensubtitles OSD won't extract subtitles

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Opensubtitles OSD won't extract subtitles

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So, I'm using this plugin: ... /downloads

I tried the latest version (1.52) as well as a few previous ones, and on all of them I'm having the same issue - it finds subtitles well, and then hangs on "extracting subtitles". It does not freeze, I can go back to the move with "B", but the subtitles are not extracted and finally (the last stage is constantly showing message "extracting subtitles") I'm not able to get any. I found only one movie for which the subtitles are extracted all right.

Here is the debug log in which I'm unsuccessfully trying to get subtitles for two movies, and then I manage to do it for the third one (the only one that I found the script to work with correctly).

Any Ideas how it can be fixed? Is anyone experiencing the same issue? I'm positive the script used to work well about a year ago.

Thanks for help in advance!
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