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I was wondering if Ustvnow is going to be maintained and supported going forward with the new direction of the add-ons here for xbox. It is sad to see many good vid. addons go. If navi x an ustvnow go the old box will just be an emu. machine. I am not skilled enough to do the work myself nor have the time. If anyone knows where to get good add-ons or how to get ol ones workin let me know pls.
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USTVNOW was still working on the repo and to my knowledge it was a legit addon seeing as you had to pay for premium channels. But even though its gone from the repo doesnt mean its gone forever. It is still being maintained for mainline xbmc therefore you can use the new versions they release on xbox, xbox has much more compatibility now and not much needs to be adapted (i dont think). So just google around and try, and if not someone on the forum would have kept .zip files around so you can install them again. To get good working addons check around the plugin development section, some good ones are 'tvshows' and 'movie25' they both work great for me... and here's how to instal them ... f=7&t=2618
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