Filling up 2tb with games

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Filling up 2tb with games

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Hi, sorry, I am a complete noob at this so I have been unable to find the answer anywhere else (I might just be oblivious).

I have recently added a 2tb drive to my xbox and downloaded the internet archive of xbox games which i since have stored somewhere. When using the xbpartitioner tool I had created a F and G partition with ~900gb each in 64k clusters. My question is simple then, How am i supposed to set up my files in order to be able to access all the games? Do i need a primary Games folder with a Games1-??? subfolder and then split the number of games per subfolder to 120 games (i think i read that somewhere) or is there some other method to do this? I apologize for my incompetence...

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Re: Filling up 2tb with games

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Assuming you're using XBMC of some form you can easily list any or multiple location(s) as a source for Games.

If you have a whole archive it would make sense to put them in alphabetized sub-folders in your F:\ and G:\Games folders.

You'll have to create the sub-folders yourself using either the Xbox's file manager or on PC and FTP the folders into place and the add each sub-folder as a source (WHITE button context menu when you're in Programs menu*).

* That may vary depending on the skin you're using.

TBH I'm not sure how other dashboards ie. UnleashX handle sub-folders. I've not done this myself so I'm just guessing that you'd probably have to add all the alphabetized sub-folders individually by editing the config.xml. That, I think, would mean creating new "List Item..." entries for each sub-folder separately.
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