any way to get XBMC4XBOX's video output modeline?

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any way to get XBMC4XBOX's video output modeline?

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I'm making something to replace XBMC4Xbox as my media center for occasionally watching retro stuff on a CRT TV, it's pretty good, supports MKVs a lot better than the aging XBOX ever could, along with subtitles and so on. But I yearn for the XBOX's video output on a CRT - it looks so crisp, clean and really good with an RGB cable. Since other than the video encoder chips and the cables, there's not much else that I could to replicate that on my more powerful system, I'm asking, please could I get whatever modeline the XBOX is using to generate its video signal? my system allows for 15khz video output and I can add to it whatever modelines I wish, it runs linux and all, but I got now way (that i know of) of retrieving whatever modeline XBMC4XBOX is using. So if I could get it, i'd REALLY appreciate it!

for anyone that doesn't know, a modeline is the specific way in which analog video is displayed - it contains several values specific to the display and afaik it's pretty had to replicate. Gonna try digging in the source code later to see if i can find the modeline myself, but hopefully someone here will help me.

ia modline looks like something like this:

Modeline "NTSC 720x480 (60Hz)" 13.846 720 744 809 880 480 488 494 525 interlace -hsync -vsync
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Re: any way to get XBMC4XBOX's video output modeline?

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i think if you turn on debug mode it puts an overlay over the video with info, it is also in the menu.
if you want crt analogue resolutions get an arcade or old pc video card
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