Rocky5 help uprading old mod

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Rocky5 help uprading old mod

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I am trying to softmod an orginal Xbox so my son can experience "proper" computer games. Rocky 5 refused to work but I managed to install Krayzie 1.1 NDURE (Action Replay) mod. Having done some reading it now says because of shadow c drive I cant update hard drive (but I dont know if that information is really outdated.) I tried to use Rockys update disc to upgrade to his mod there are loads of helpful video online. It hangs after saying BIOS 4034 (Dashboard is 5036) with a flashing green eject button. I tried FTP same issue. I see there are upgrade and Update options on the disc is that the next thing to try (and which one should I use?).

Most of the new information on soft modding refers to Rocky 5 so I would like to install that. If I can will Chimp work on an Ndure softmod to install XBMC and a 2TB Hdd. I dont want to try and change the hard drive if it isnt possible without updating the mod first. All help is very much appreciated. I managed to mod a WII but this is driving me nuts. Thanks in advance.
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Re: Rocky5 help uprading old mod

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Good luck, I am in a similar situation and can't find anything to help.
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