Can I FTP Extras Disc to Xbox?

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Can I FTP Extras Disc to Xbox?

Post by mstump1223 »

Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums

I've spent the last week scouring the web for an answer to this and haven't found specifically how to do this, or if it is/is not possible.

I can't get my xbox to read any burned discs. This goes for the Xbox Softmodding Tool Extras Disc and any games. It can read original xbox games just fine. When the disc tray closes, it reads "Init" for a little while, then says "Empty". Attempting to launch the disc from the dashboard does nothing.

Xbox Version: 1.4
Softmod Version: Rocky5 v1.1.6
Disc Drive: Phillips
I followed this tutorial to softmod the xbox without hitting any snags at all:
I also accidentally uh.. "virtualized my eeeprom". This was the most recent change I've made on the xbox, and hope I didn't bust anything.
  • I have tried using Memorex DVD-R's and Verbatim DVD-R's (through my research Memorex was confirmed as working and heard good things about Verbatim discs).
  • Fable transferred just fine to the HDD and confirmed it can run great.
  • I've converted the Extras disc using C-Xbox Tool v2.0.6, then FTP'd it to first E:\Games, then E:\Application. When I try running the Extras disc from either place it will sit at the "Loading" screen. While on this screen the eject button will start flashing orange. I must hard reboot the xbox to get back to the dashboard since Triggers + Back + Black doesn't work.
If there's a way to transfer the disc to the HDD, I would absolutely run it from there. I also plan on using Chimp to assist in upgrading the HDD to a larger one, and not sure if I can do the same for that one. Really trying to avoid having to buy a different disc drive. I have one spare xbox here, and it has a Samsung, but it won't stay closed. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, I feel like I'm the only one that's ever had this specific issue.
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Re: Can I FTP Extras Disc to Xbox?

Post by Rocky5 »

You can run the ISO off the HDD. Two ways to achieve this.

1. Build the source but use the Build XISO Application.bat
(FTP the new folder to your Applications directory)

2. Link read how to do it in the documents folder.
(The zip you need is in the Extras folder in the link)
Download Xbox Softmodding Tool & Extras Disc
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Re: Can I FTP Extras Disc to Xbox?

Post by Coldly-Indifferent »

The problem mentioned with the Extras disc is almost certain just a media incompatibility issue.

Philips are the worst disc drives for compatibility IMHO but that is only based on my own experience of the single, old, secondhand Philips' disc drive I own. Incidentally that also came in a v1.4 Xbox.

Apart from that and the Thomson I have two examples of all the others drives including both Samsung types. The Philips is the least compatible of the lot, the only one that has problems with DVD+R, although that is annoyingly inconsistent.

It likes nothing but DVD-R although weirdly in the extensive tests I did I found it did occasionally read CD-RW. Those inconsistency issues I put down to the age of the drive. I suspect that if the laser was adjusted (a risky DIY job) it might be better but there is precious little information out there about how to do that with the Philips.

So if you were not using DVD-R then that is the likely reason it was not reading the Extras discs.
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