FTP issues

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FTP issues

Post by spiderug400 »

Good evening all.

I have a softmodded xbox with rocky5 installed however i seem to be having issues with FTP. When i try to transfer any games over my transfer fails at 4gb. I.e if I send a 6gb iso the transfer will stay connected until it reaches 4gbs transfered and then it looses connection and tries to reconnect. This has happened with every game i have tried to ftp over and on 2 different ftp programs, filezilla and duck.

Does anyone have any idea whats going on?

Any help provided would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: FTP issues

Post by Xphazer »

Try this with FileZilla.

Edit> Settings> Transfers> "Maximum simultaneous transfert" = 1
Edit> Settings> Transfers> File Types> "Default transfer type" = Binary

You are hitting the Xbox filesystem file size limit. You can't have files larger than 4GB on the Xbox, you will need to extract the files from the ISO before uploding them on the Xbox or split the ISO.
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Re: FTP issues

Post by LoganFord »

I appreciate an old thread, but i had the exact same issue this week and it was driving me mad for an entire weekend....until i realised the problem i had.
This was my first mod, so bound to make mistakes!

I had freshly installed a 1tb drive, used the boot disc hexen to detect it and ran through the install process, (many you tube vids on this) selected the additional F drive for format. This gave me a little over 4gb on the E drive....When i transferred games this filled up and gave me the same connect error. It was only when i came across the information page on the menu that i saw zero memory left!!! That couldn't be!

I had not realised i needed to configure through Xboxpartitioner the remaining space...this is not mentioned on lots of guides.

This guy explains how to do it, rather than me write a long email - but just in case any noobies are having the same issue i thought i would let you know!

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Re: FTP issues

Post by Coldly-Indifferent »

It has been like that for decades - a lot of useful and indeed important information about modding, significant detail and specific advice for things like HDD upgrades is not always included in guides or advice given.
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