My Xerc2 XE Redesign - Small but easy to install!

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N64 freak
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My Xerc2 XE Redesign - Small but easy to install!

Post by N64 freak » Fri May 30, 2014 11:39 pm

I'm not going to write the long story here but i got asked by the user clabs if i could do a Ir-mod.
And that started to get me interested in building the Xerc2. While i was working on it i just started to do a new and easier to install Layout.
My goals were to keep the small size of the original Xerc2 but to make it a single sided PCB that's easier to install.

I think i got it done relatively good, but judge for yourself!

The following pictures are from the Xerc2 PCB and my first install. I made the PCB small enough to be installed to the front without the need of unnecesarily long cables. Because of the maximized distance between the solder pads this curcuit is easy to install even for beginners!

The features of my Layout are:
- It features an IRs solderpad for an internal install of a DVD dongle (The necesarry Diode is not populated on this Xerc2 but will be on the others!)
- It's only 27x28mm in size! (1,05x1,1inches!)
- Big distances between the solderpad to keep the soldering easy
- It's Single Layer PCB so you can mount it to the Xbox motherboard without risking to short anything

Here are a few shots of my first install and the Xerc2 by itself:

Image Image Image

If you want a Xerc2 i would deliver them as a complete kit containing the preprogrammed and tested Xerc2 together with the necessary IR-Receiver.
I would of course ship them interationally at the expense of the buyer. But i may also have someone in the US who would sell them for me so you don't have to wait for the oversea shipping!

I would sell the Xerc2 kit's for 15€/20$ each!

Let me know if there are any people interested!

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Re: My Xerc2 XE Redesign - Small but easy to install!

Post by clabs » Sat May 31, 2014 12:29 am

My wish has apparently been my command (at least in this case!).

The history is that I wanted to add the ultimate "lazy" mod to my collection of 13 X3CP Xboxes. The XrIR is still available but is expensive and has limited functionality.

And here is exactly what I was looking for - a really small and neat design that is easy to install and reasonably priced too.

N64 is sending me a first board for me to install and I will post some pics of the install up as soon as it arrives.

N64 - thanks for the hard work that you put into this mate - I really do appreciate it :)

Best regards, Mark

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Re: My Xerc2 XE Redesign - Small but easy to install!

Post by Floydthebarber » Sat May 31, 2014 1:02 am

Wow, seems like we had the same idea N64 Freak ... =16&t=2868

Good luck on your sales :)

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Re: My Xerc2 XE Redesign - Small but easy to install!

Post by davidthomas » Sat May 31, 2014 2:30 am

I have already got a prototype of this board from N64 freak and it was mega easy to install and I recommend it highly! The best part is it is smaller then any other version that I have seen or used before. Also the traces are thick and the quality is ultra high! That is very important to me since I like my consoles to be neat and tidy inside and the small foot print was a mega plus for me! N64 Freak is a great designer and never fails to amaze me. I have had 4 of his 1GHz motherboards and they are top quality also. This is my choice for now on for all of my Xerc needs! Top notch quality and the price of 20 USD also was unbelieve. I can't even see how he makes money on them! If you live in the USA I can help with install if you need help with them.

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