Xbox Crystal X3 Control Panel

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Xbox Crystal X3 Control Panel

Post by CrudeLobster30 »

Ive got an xbox crystal with the x3 control panel, it also comes with the Xecuter 3 CE mod chip with Xapt3r V1.6 adapter and it has the X3IR kit installed. Its also got the xbox wireless 2.4ghz controller and has had the receiver installed inside the xbox. The LCD panel is the original Team Xecuter model which from my understanding is harder to come by these days?

This is not for sale and I'm just curious to see how much this is all worth? Can anyone give me a rough idea?

Any help is much appreciated
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Re: Xbox Crystal X3 Control Panel

Post by looney bin jim »

About £250 gbp,$325 dollarz

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Re: Xbox Crystal X3 Control Panel

Post by Henderson »

Hi! Is it still available?
Yeah, I'm going to learn some new info, the best one. I need to learn all the Then I'll try to buy it there. That thing looks pretty cool.
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Re: Xbox Crystal X3 Control Panel

Post by GoTeamScotch »

The LCD panels and the front faceplate are very rare and highly sought after. The fact that it's a clear (crystal) version of that increases the value as well.

As far as what it's worth, I'd say easily over $300. I wouldn't be surprised if it sold for over $400.
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