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Re: [WIP-Release] Xbox Extended

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I think he might have died working on this project... :(
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Re: [WIP-Release] Xbox Extended

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ModdingBird wrote:I think he might have died working on this project... :(
you're right, and the project just died with him! :D It amazes me how people make, what i'm perceiving as, snide remarks when something isn't given to them when they expect it :evil: ; yet, in the moment of needing their assistance with feedback, they're nowhere to be found :? .

in all fairness, i can understand the frustration when something doesn't get released; however, i did mention in a few posts that the less feedback i would get, the more time things would take.

this particular thread is now closed and locked... 8-) that's not to say that the skin is dead, but since the poll is done for the name; if, and, when i release something, it will be under the new name of "XBMC Origins"; the people have spoken! :lol:

- Dom DXecutioner