Problem displaying screenshots in PM3.HD Mod

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Problem displaying screenshots in PM3.HD Mod

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Good morning to All,
I write because I’m creating a custom version of PM3.HD with graphics taken from the Xbox Classic skin, with the addition of the display of screenshots uploaded by the ArtWork Installer and with Synopsis (thanks to the Rocky'5 script).
The big problem I’m encountering is that the skin displays the screenshots only and exclusively if the game folder has the same name of the game (the one contained in the XBE file).
The string I brought back is this:

<description>Games Screenshot image </description>
<imagepath background="True">F:/Games/$INFO[ListItem.Label]/_resources/screenshots/Screenshot-1.jpg</imagepath>
<aspectratio align="center">stretch</aspectratio>

I also tried to replace [listitem.Label] with [listitem.Path] but it didn’t work, in your opinion how can I solve the problem?
Where am I wrong?

Thank you so much for helping me?
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