[QUESTION] XBMC Origins Navigation Help!?

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[QUESTION] XBMC Origins Navigation Help!?

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Right, I know I'm extremely late to the party but I've just installed XBMC Origins (The updated UI Mod) and have customised it to my liking.

Firstly, it's absolutely amazing and I'm super excited to get everything set up, thanks for all the hard work!

Ok, I have some questions about the navigation and I'd like to know if its fixable, this is specifically based on the Origins layout, but the questions I'm asking should be able to be answered by anyone with a bit of Skin Dev knowledge!!

1.) When I'm focused on favourites and press down, can I set a condition that always navigates to the left tile, EXCEPT when the previous tile was the one on the right?

I know when I navigate from a shortcut tile to the featured wrap list and navigate back it remembers my previous position. but if I were to navigate to the featured wrap list and then navigate to the favourites wrap list, when I press down it goes back to the original shortcut tile which is at the other end of the home screen, this looks untidy so I'd like it to navigate to the tile closest. Let's say I set it to navigate to the left tile directly below favourites, every time I press down it goes to that tile, perfect. The issue is, if I'm on the tile to the right of that, when i navigate to favourites and navigate back down, it wouldn't go back to the right tile, it will always go to that left tile no matter what.

2.) Is it possible to stop the wrap list from scrolling when I use it?

For example manually scrolling from left to right but when I navigate away it continues to automatically scroll endlessly. (putting it on a delay after I click would work also, so if I stop manually scrolling after a couple seconds it starts scrolling automatically again).

3.) Assuming that the scrolling is horizontal, Is it possible to navigate from the featured wrap list and favourites wrap list via left/right navigation?

For example, the wrap list will scroll endlessly when unfocused, but when I manually scroll it to the last option on the list, instead of scrolling back to the beginning it navigates to the favourites wrap list. This make's sense to do it this way so that I can navigate to the left of the favourites wrap list using the left button when I manually scroll to the first position in the list. Also, it's freeing the down button so I can navigate to the shortcut tiles below.
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