Theoretical Max HDD size?

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Theoretical Max HDD size?

Post by Dawscaus »

Is 2TB the max size that the Xbox1 will be able to recognize and use? If you know the answer can you please elaborate on why this is the case.

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Re: Theoretical Max HDD size?

Post by Rocky5 »

Yes and no, but it's the only size we are ever going to get so this thread is redundant.

It has something to do with the CPU being 32bit that is limiting it.

If you search on this forum there should be a thread with the information you want.

Here is the thread, since you probably won't find it. ... =13&t=1055
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Re: Theoretical Max HDD size?

Post by Feeder »

This is good information. Thanks.

I sort of knew this would be the case but it's nice to see it writing.
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