Modchip doesn't seem to work?

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Modchip doesn't seem to work?

Post by Retroguy » Mon Apr 30, 2018 12:59 pm

Hey guys, picked up an xbox being sold locally quite cheap, opened it up as it doesn't appear to be modded but there is a modchip inside. Looks like an aladdin or some clone of one.

Anyway, it doesn't appear to be working as there is no alternative dash and the console won't boot any burnt discs such as hexen. It may be the drive itself though as it doesn't want to read an original disc either but it is quite scratched though.

Any way to test the chip or should I just throw it out and tsop flash? I believe it's a 1.5 console so it should work.

I did read about holding the power button for a few seconds to test the chip but the eject button starts flashing red and orange then it won't boot.

Ideas anyone?

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Re: Modchip doesn't seem to work?

Post by professor_jonny » Tue May 01, 2018 1:36 am

are you sure on the Red and Orange flashing? , id expect Red Rreen meaning the bios is damaged on the chip Flashing Red and Orange (Amber): video display problem, check cord. Also try switching to another video mode by changing the cable. It could be damaged hardware (Video controller, or MCPX) but it would likely not boot retail if that was the case.

you may have a special vga bios or something that could throw that error?

You most likely will might need another chip to fix it or soft mod it.

if you get your self an Xblast chip it has an OS on it and multiple banks that can avoid these problems in the future.

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