Video cropping after loading Virtual Disc Patchet

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Video cropping after loading Virtual Disc Patchet

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I have a 1.6 with OpenZenium(m8plus) and MakeMhz Xbox HDMI+ running xbmc4gamers. There is 2 seperat bios one launches the Virtual Disc Patcher on boot one don't.

Launch on boot bios
The splash screen is full but after that the display is moved to the left. I There is a black strip on the right that if i try and adjust screen i cant go past like its the edge of the TV(4k Onn Cheapy). This stays when launching games. If I open the artwork downloader its fine.

Normal boot bios
Normal till launching Virtual Disc Patcher. Then All the Above

So im thinking this is a difference between the virtual disc patcher bios and the bios thats patched for the hdmi. So my question is can i patch the bios used for virtual disk patcher and if so how?
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