Someone needs to remake this tutorial

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Someone needs to remake this tutorial

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Seriously there are so many missing steps, and crucial need to know pieces of information in this it's impossible to follow this tutorial to get the end result.

Below is what i copied directly out of a reply someone left under that video and i 100% agree with it:
What he is saying to do in this video is simply not possible because the process relies on having every picture you use already perfect in size which makes the blank one unusable and pointless. On top of that, what he does between 7:11 - 7:16 is just impossible. Any time you drag over a picture onto an already opened image, it will close the current opened image and open a brand new screen for the new image, thus making it 100% impossible to RUN the scanned image THROUGH the blank one. You won't even be able to line it up because the new image is in it's own separate new window with no correlation to any other window.

The from Russia with love will also not have any of those lines you see in the video allowing you to line it up. Once you open the picture of the image you want to use for the box art, it closes the blank one so you are not ever going to be able to line it up.
There is zero explanation on how you can ever compare measurements so you wouldn't ever know if the new image is too large or small because there is no way to possible know
What he shows being done between 7:11 - 7:16 is not possible. The new image coming into photoshop would open in a completely separate window of it's own and so there is no way to match anything up with the blank.

I figured out an easier way to do custom art without the use of photoshop, but i need the example from Russia with love files shown in that video which I cannot find anywhere.

Rocky seriously needs to quit making tutorials because he is horrible at making them.
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