Xbox can't boot into retail kernal

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Xbox can't boot into retail kernal

Post by carnavs »

I'm trying to boot into my retail kernal to load the Original Xbox Dash and it shows the boot screen then goes to a black screen. I can boot EVOX8 and it boots fine. My problem is I think I need to change my resolution settings because when I try to load any homebrew app or game I can't see anything, my screen is black but you can hear all the sounds ect. Anyone know how to fix this?
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Re: Xbox can't boot into retail kernal

Post by Coldly-Indifferent »

Blank screen but sound could be resolution support issue or regional setting. If you're trying to play a game like PAL Timesplitters 2 and you've region swapped your Xbox to NTSC so you can play it in 480p you get that happening. The game only supports PAL and there are other both PAL and NTSC games which behave likewise on an out of region console.

As for the MS dash issue: what dashboard are you current using? "EVOX8" sounds more like the BIOS, which indicates its either a chipped or TSOPed Xbox. That needs confirming along with the actual dashboard you're using.

If you're using a softmod do not try to do anything suggested below except to check the evox.ini, if you have one, before getting further advice.

If you are using an EvoX dash and you have a main menu MS dash option which is not working check the evox.ini file using a file manager to see what path it is used to launch it. Typically it will be C:\xboxdash.xbe. Go to where its supposed to be, see if its there and if it is test it to see if it works.

If it is not there or doesn't boot the you need a replacement stock MS dash installed somewhere and edit the path in the evox.ini to use that.

Alternatively, if it is a chipped/TSOPed Xbox use an installer disc like AID, HeXEn or Slayers to do a fresh dashboard install. I'd suggest either XBMC (as we're here) or UnleashX and the other installed as an app. If you want EvoX you can install that as an app too.
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