This still makes absolutely no sense

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This still makes absolutely no sense

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I just gave up using the URL downloader for certain things such as EMUSTATION and the ARTWORK INSTALLER.

Not sure why half the emulators such as the ataris systems aren't even in the download package. Also i find it amusing how none of the emulators that are included, have skins for them.

Here is my problem with this thing.
I used the URL downloader for emustation to get specific emulators (I have them already but I wanted to see if any changes were really made)
Since nothing mentions a specific directory, I created a folder called EMULATORS in F and put it in there...Selected it and launched it, it did some updating thing (Not really sure what or why) but whatever.
Since I only wanted a few specific emulators I deleted the rest. Anyway I created a folder called ROMS in the emulators directory and then realized there was another directory and so I moved them to the correct directory.

The playstation games weren't being read (My guess is because it's in a folder so in the process of removing the roms from the folder, I happen to notice that emustation was somehow in Q AND F at the exact same time. I put this in F so there is no reason for it now to also show up in Q. So I started deleting things out of F and it also erased what was in Q.

Who designed this? If I put emustation in F it shouldn't be any place else

The problem I have with the URL downloader is when you download something onto your HDD, then it's supposed to be installed, the download itself, is the install. I cannot get specific things to work despite they were downloaded with the URL downloader.

So between the URL downloader downloading something then having what you downloaded not work, and things being updated that put an entire copy of something onto another partition on the same drive.
If I use the url downloader to donwload the artwork installer to F, So what exactly is supposed to be happening once it's there? What does run it from the scripts menu mean? There is no scripts menu, The only menus I have are games, applications and emulators which does nothing if I press it. it's sitting on F so I have no idea what the point to downloading the artwork installer to f when i don't even know if the artwork installer is active.

I can manually put things into folders, but I have no idea how to use the artwork installer to get artwork? What does it mean INSTALLER, downloading it with the URL DOWNLOADER is the installer so the artwork is supposed to already be in the xbox on F where I downloaded it t but yet i cannot even find a single game name with a jpg extension.

How is this an installer? Where is the artwork. Why can't I manually move the artwork from F to the proper game? As it is, the artwork installer hasn't installed a single art piece. I should have all the jpg or bmp or whatever picture images this thing is supposed to be doing on my F drive so that i can manually move them, and i don't.

About a week ago i read that it took someone and 4 other people 3 days to figure out how to get the artwork installer to actually install anything. I personally can now see why they posted that. it isn't explained what this thing is for once you get it on the HDD (In this case F for me)

This Whole thing makes no sense.
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