fat xplorer Xbox formatting tools

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fat xplorer Xbox formatting tools

Post by professor_jonny »

As below we now have official formating of xbox hdd's from with in windows:

https://fatxplorer.eaton-works.com/2021 ... e-arrived/
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Re: fat xplorer Xbox formatting tools

Post by Coldly-Indifferent »

Thanks for the info.

That could be very useful - if I can get the ITB WD AF HDD I want to use to be recognised by FATXplorer which at the moment I can't when it is already FATX formatted with dash installed etc.

I've opened a support ticket but my suspicion is that the problem is to do with the USB housing I'm using and a minor but significant issue caused by that when using Advanced Format WD HDDs. The housing works fine with FATXplorer when using older IDE or SATA WD HDDs.

I'm hoping the new enclosure I've just ordered might resolve the problem but I'm going to try wiping the ITB HDD and, in the same USB enclosure, see if formatting it using FATXplorer itself will bypass the issue, whatever it is.
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