Cloning HDD

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Cloning HDD

Post by Mangraviti » Sun Jan 27, 2019 1:00 am

Hello guys.

Quick question from a not-so-newbie but newbie enough:

Is it possible to CLONE a HDD and then transfer it to a different XBOX and only change the keys?

I have this question because I have a 2TB drive with 877 XBOX games (yes, eight hundred and seventy seven) and FTPing this is a pain. It's so many that the XBOX can't even handle the cache on that list of games. I had to create folders from A to Z so it wouldn't crash when I opened the games' folder.

I have a few people that want the same XBOX but due to the painfully slow FTP, I told them that I can't do it. And one should never say no to friends. lol

So, the idea is CLONING one drive and having it as some sort of "master drive" and then, just getting new consoles and putting the new drives in them. The total amount is 1.67TB and over a million files.

If possible, how should I proceed?

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Re: Cloning HDD

Post by Coldly-Indifferent » Sun Jan 27, 2019 3:10 pm

Cloning the HDD with that much stuff is going to be a very slow process too but I think Rocky5's updated Chimp version Chimp261812 can format and clone F:\ (and G:\?) drives too. The F:\ and G:\ drives of a 2TB HDD must be correctly formatted to use the correct cluster size and space equally assigned ie. 1TB on both. I'm really not sure if or how Chimp261812 does that with a HDD of that size.

Chimp261812 can also lock the slave ie. the clone, with an imported eeprom so all you need is the other Xbox's eeprom. Read the guide that comes with Chimp261812 about that.

There is also the option to get your 'other people' to null their Xbox's eeproms and you do the same. Again I think Rocky5 has a nulling tool which can do this. Basically what it does is turn the eeprom from its unique set of characters to all zeros. Therefore a HDD locked with that will work in any other Xbox that has been nulled too.

I've not done it myself but that is the general idea. Wait for more knowledgeable advice on this matter than I can give you if you want to do that before doing anything.

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Re: Cloning HDD

Post by RoofTop » Mon Jan 28, 2019 10:23 pm

Maybe not what you are after, but I bought a startech docking station that can do a standalone sector by sector copy.
This way i successfully cloned a 2tb hdd to a new 2tb hdd.

So I now have to xboxes and two identical hdd filled with games and emulators.

The startech cloning took about 5 hours.

My first xbox is chipped and is using a evox bios that supports 2 tb.
My second xbox is a tsop using a ind 5004 as a bios, it also supports 2 tb.

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