1.6 Xbox rebuilt LPC.

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1.6 Xbox rebuilt LPC.

Post by starfox5194 » Thu Jul 05, 2018 1:59 am

Hey guys,

I have an old 1.6 xbox with a (professionally) rebuilt LPC and a fake Xenium ICE installed. I think I bought it from modchips.com back in the day. not totally sure. I think there is an upgraded hard drive in there too. I don't remember the size. It's probably not larger than 200gb.

Long story short, I tried updating the fake Xenium ICE and the chip no longer works.

The Xbox still boots fine, just not into any modded menus because that was the job of the ICE. I think you could probably buy a 5$ Alladin XT2 chip and just plug it in and it will work.

I have no power cord, I sold it with another xbox long ago.

This thing has been sitting on the shelf for like 1.5 years unused.

I will give it away for free as long as the buyer pays for shipping and paypal fees.

Send me a PM if you are serious and I will actually package the thing up and calculate the shipping cost.

Note: I will only ship USPS because they come to my door and pick up the package for me. I will not drive to the post office for you. This is free after all

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