Should I Use A VPN When Streaming Movies Using Kodi Or Terranium?

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Should I Use A VPN When Streaming Movies Using Kodi Or Terranium?

Post by jersey_jedi » Fri May 25, 2018 6:27 pm

I recently read a few articles about VPN's and was wondering if it would be beneficial if I used one since I stream so much. ... -business/
Do You use a vpn?

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Re: Should I Use A VPN When Streaming Movies Using Kodi Or Terranium?

Post by GoTeamScotch » Sat May 26, 2018 12:01 am

If you're worried about getting scary looking letters from your ISP about a DMCA violation, a VPN can/does indeed help avoid those kinds of situations.

Streaming sites *typically* don't trigger letters from your ISP, but it's still very possible. It's usually torrents that do it. The risk comes from your PC/device connecting to a server where your desirable content is, and either that server is a phony server setup by some group trying to crack down on pirates OR your activity is intercepted along the way. In both cases, your IP address can be traced back to your ISP and your ISP can then be told, "hey the guy at is doing something bad!". Your ISP knows you're the one at, so they send you a letter telling you to stop (or worse).

A VPN makes it so that whoever's watching your traffic thinks that it's coming from one of the the VPN's servers, so they go after that source instead of you. In most cases, the VPN node you were using doesn't keep any record of you connecting at all so anything you've done can't be traced back to you.

If it's something you worry about, I'd say go for it. I use NordVPN personally and have had good experiences with it. You can also get a router than supports VPNs and route all of your internet traffic through it, as opposed to needing to enable the VPN on each of your devices.

P.s. VPN's are great for security too. If you're ever traveling and connecting to sketchy unsecured WiFi hotspots, a VPN makes it much harder for prying eyes to see what you're doing.
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