Component Cable, no signal. Help appreciated

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Component Cable, no signal. Help appreciated

Post by Animate77 » Mon Apr 09, 2018 2:59 pm

So I have an issue. Purchased a HD component Cable however There is no video just audio. My Orginal Scart cable works fine. I’ve tried the NYSC/PAL mod switch however that dose t work either. Is there anything else I can do?

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Re: Component Cable, no signal. Help appreciated

Post by Coldly-Indifferent » Tue Apr 10, 2018 1:40 pm

If it is a third party cable and particularly if there are Composite or S-Video cabling connections included check the Component cable for any SD/HD mode switch. If present it is often on the 'yoke' where the video signal wires split.


Dashboard resolution settings? The console MUST be set to NTSC as the PAL console GUI did not offer ED/HD video options. :( If you have the original MS or an UnleashX available using either of these to change the resolution is the easiest solution. But see* below.

Does the TV/screen you're using display the Xbox splash screen and then go blank?

Some TV's don't display SD/interlaced resolutions via Component so if the dash is set to NTSC/PAL default settings (480i/576i) that could be the problem. Check your TV/screen manual for the resolutions supported when using Component although I know from having looked for this sort of information myself not all TV manufacturers provide such details on their web site.

*The problem is that some softmods have protected resolution settings too and you'll need to find out how to access those settings for your particular softmod to enable ED/HD resolutions. You can still change the resolution settings via the MS or UnleashX dash as described earlier but on reboot, and that includes reloading your XBMC dash, it reverts. To fix the new resolution permanently you need to do that using the softmod tools provided.

This link is still relevant although some of the information will not apply as it depends on the softmod used:- ... odded_Xbox

With Rocky5's Softmod Tools the revelvant section is the NKPatcher menu option. HeXEn has a main menu option for enabling HD resolutions too.

BTW I see you have a SCART cable, fully wired RGB I hope; if so and you have the UnleashX dash available there is a useful feature that might tell you if it is a Component cable fault. A RGB SCART cable can be used to change the ED/HD resolution settings. Go to UnleashX's main menu System > Settings > Video Display (check it is showing NTSC here too) and change the settings to 480p/720p/1080i and Save. Personally I'd suggest not using 1080i with the Xbox but this is only a test so up to you what resolution you prefer.

If you go back to the Video Display menu it will have reverted to SD because RGB SCART is just SD only but the ED/HD settings will have been saved and should still be active maybe even with a protected softmod. Therefore if you hot swap to your Component cable you might be lucky.

This certainly worked for me on one occasion after I'd made a couple of stupid mistakes whilst testing a Xbox on a PC monitor which supported Component via VGA.

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