Xbox won't boot

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Xbox won't boot

Post by LudviG » Sat Sep 02, 2017 7:19 pm

I opened one of my Xboxes to clean and service a stuck DVD drive. When I put it back together it wouldn't boot at first. It tries to start, turns off, tried to start again, then off again. Third time the power stays on put the led flashes red.

I tried to disconnect and connect the hdd and dvd again, also pulled out the video cable and power. Still the same, and did all that again and changed the ide cable. Then it booted. But after turning it off and on again it won't start. Now nothing helps. What could it be?

Could it be a power issue. This is an us Xbox wich I run off an step down converter from 240v to 110. The converter has gotten a small hum inside until I draw power from it, it did not have that before, it has come lately. Not sure how long ago, since my sister's kids have borrowed that Xbox for ages now.

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