SOLVED - Getting video preview to work on Synopsis

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SOLVED - Getting video preview to work on Synopsis

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Hello there
This morning I solved the preview problem I had :-)

I just reproduced the problem and it was the background image i added that made previews stop working.
My guess is that the image is to large (takes up to much memory?) because when i switch back to single color preview start working again.
I guess I can resize the 4k image to 1280x720 maybe 1920x1080 and then it will work :-)

I installed unleashedX and loaded it up
FTP into the xbox and deleted the E:\XBMC4Gamers
Downloaded the PreBuilt version from Rocky5's github
unzipped it and FTP'ed the XBMC4GAMERS folder to E:\XBMC4GAMERS on the XBOX
Created a profile
logged in
let it scan all the games
the tested preview and EVERYTHING worked but...
I still don't know what went wrong in my previous setup?

Thanks again for an amazing program!

Hello there
First thank you for an amazing program. I have softmodded my xbox and it worked like a charm :-)
I installed artwork and one theme as you see in the pictures and it just works but...

Does the Synopsis Video Preview work on the Original Xbox or is it only for PC users?

I have tried to download 3 videos that they say work but none of them works on my Original XBOX

Here is what I did:
I renamed the videos from and to:
SomeOriginalName.avi to Preview.avi
SomeOriginalName.wmv to Preview.wmv
SomeOriginalName.mp4 to Preview.mp4

the I uploaded them with FileZilla to XBOX location

After I uploaded them I rebooted the XBOX and now I got the Preview pane but video does not work when clicking (A) button
Here are some images of the TV

I have also tried to use ffmpeg to create both pal-vcd, ntsc-vcd, pal-svcd, ntsc-svcd and pal-dvd and ntsc-dvd with this encoding settings
mpeg4 3mb/s aac 48khz and 484kb/s

I guess ffmpeg can create almost any audio/video format but I need to know the spesific settings to get this to work

PS. I have also tried the Resize MP4 to XBOX size batch script encodings but still no video (linux terminal):

Code: Select all

ffmpeg -v quiet -stats -i MYVIDEO.MP4 -r 29970/1000 -c:v libx264 -profile:v baseline -crf 23 -vf scale=480:-2 -sws_flags bicubic -sws_dither auto -c:a aac -b:a 96k Preview.mp4 
ALL videos works on the XBOX when I go to File Manager and run them so this might not be a codec problem?

Hope to hear from you

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