New hdd and build install

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New hdd and build install

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I have a hardmod I have e seen all I need is to put the new hdd in and run hexen if thats right up to that point I need some pointers on installing a build I am working on getting from my PC external hdd if anyone has any tips would be greatly appreciated
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Re: New hdd and build install

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As long as your Xbox DVD drive is working OK the simplest way of doing this is by using a disc like HeXEn although my preference would be to use AID.

With AID you get a one-click install menu option for either chipped/TSOPed machines or softmods. Its almost foolproof. Essentially all that happens is that when you install a new/empty HDD and then boot an installer disc is that it'll walk you through the formatting of C & E and then install a new dashboard.

With a hardmod that is little more than adding a new main dashboard XBE to the C drive, typically "evoxdash.xbe".

NB. Just because it is named evoxdash.xbe does not mean it is an EvoX dash that is just the default C drive XBE name most BIOS are set up to look for and launch first.

Once the new dash is up and running the next important thing is to format the extended partition(s) ie. F and G, depending on the size of the HDD. Use XBPartitioner v1.3 for this and do not transfer anything to the new HDD until you've done it. Rebooted and check that XBPartitioner v1.3 is still showing no ER (error) against any drives but in particular 6 and or 7 ie. F and G and they're using all the available space.

I don't see the point of using a G drive with any HDD up to 1TB, I'd suggest just allocating all free space to F but that's up to you. However with a HDD larger than 1TB you must split it between F and G so that both are each under 1TiB for FATX/cluster size support reasons.

After that the best way to get whatever is on your PC to the new HDD is still, arguably, by FTP but there is now the option of using FATXplorer 3.0 Beta or whatever the latest version is.

As the Xbox HDD is unlocked you should be able to connect it in a USB housing or other method to the PC and with FATXplorer running it'll recognise the FATX formatted HDD and allow you to copy stuff from your PC direct to it. Obviously this involves physically removing the HDD from the Xbox but it is still a very practical solution.
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