Need Xenium 2.0.1 Bios - Please help

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Need Xenium 2.0.1 Bios - Please help

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So if you read my other post that starts with Please please please help me etc.....

You see that I accidently deleted my Xenium Dash - thinking that I was going into the directory where I could delete some games that are on my hard drive that I don't want

Anyway - I posted in another forum and a couple people told me I deleted the BIOS for Xenium

I can't find it on the hard drive so I maybe did just delete it

Can anyone tell me where to find and download the Xenium 2.0.1 BIOS -

I found the manual for this version of Xenium - but curious if I am able to download this BIOS and put it on my Xbox hard drive - will it bring everything back that was, or will it be a clean install and wipe everything that was there...

Reason I ask - I simply Removed and Item from the Dashboard (accidently - and yes stupidly) - but it seems to me that I just deleted the LINK to the Bios and/or Dashboard...but I am just hoping that I am right on this...

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated....

Thanks in advance

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