Bought a Xbox that hasnt been turned on in 14 years.

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Bought a Xbox that hasnt been turned on in 14 years.


Hello, everyone!

Today I bought a Xbox which the seller told me it came from an house that hasn't been populated for years. I believe this console has been kept in storage for the last 14 years or so.

He sold it as untested as he didn't have the cables for it, truth be told I didn't expect it to work. Turns out it does and it came with a couple loaded games, emulators and roms. The most recent game in it is FIFA 2007 lol.

The version of the XBMC it came with is v2.0. I was wondering if this is worth updating and what mods could I do to it to improve the console. I want it mainly for emulation (reason why I bought it and was looking a cheap one) but I also want to keep the disk drive functionality to play original disk games.



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Re: Bought a Xbox that hasnt been turned on in 14 years.

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Any mod hard or soft doesn't affect the ability to play original discs. It adds the ability to play backup discs (DVD-R/ImgBurn) and by install using FTP.

Your Xbox is likely softmodded, the retail BIOS being reported by XBMC suggests that. Its a Xbox v1.6 so it can not be be a TSOP.

XBMC v2.0 is very old (2006) and using a MC360 blade type skin and whilst it could still be used as is there are good reasons to update it to the last version v3.5.3. Chances are that particular skin version would not work with v3.5.3 although I do know there are updated versions of MC360 that do.

You should check that it is not chipped and it would be useful to find out what softmod was used. You do not want to go messing around trying to update a softmod blind and certainly not without backup.

So the first thing I suggest is backing up the eeprom to PC.

After that what I'd do if I wanted to preserve the existing set up and content is use Chimp 261812 to clone the HDD to a larger one and keep the original as backup. Chances are going to want to use a larger HDD anyway so you can do that and update it at te same time. If something goes wrong ie. you make a mistake or accidentally delete an important file you have that safety net.
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